Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kenya Sees Rise in Elephant Population Despite Poaching

In Tsavo Nationl Park, Kenya a rise in elephant populations has occured. There has been increased poaching and a recent severe drough.Still even with all of these problems Kenya has recorded a rise in elephant population in its flagship park.

Elephant population  rose to 12,572 from 11,696 three years ago according to the  results of a recent census released Saturday.
The figures show increase of around two percentwhich is less than the four percent rise that has been recorded in previous counts.

In my opinion i think that the population rise though small is still a great thing. It's a sign that the current population is strong. They with stood a severe drought and still managed an increase in populations.

The Tsavo National Park is Kenya's premier elephant sanctuary, it houses one third of the entire elephant population and covers 46,437 square kilometres of territory, its area bigger than Denmark and more than twice the size of Israel.

In 1976, Tsavo was home to  35,000 elephants. In the 1970s, around 6,000 animals died during a harsh drought, and by 1988 only 5,400 remained in the park in the shadow of a serious poaching problem.

However, the numbers have gradually grown since the early 1990s because of tighter conservation and protection.

Poaching ususally makes it very hard for populations to reproduce because of the added stress. I hope that the poching of these animals decrese so their population can grow and thrive.

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  1. Thats so great to hear about the elephants! I agree with you about how even though the number is small, there is still an increase in the population. I think that even thought the number is small, it is still a start. Do you think that the sanctuaries are the only thing protecting the elephants and causing the increase in population?