Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poachers Slaughter Five More Elephants

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After last week’s gut-wrenching news of some fifteen elephants killed by a gang of poachers in Chad, today we learn the murderers have claimed the lives of at least five more of the giants.  Villagers reported hearing gunfire last night near Nanguigoto in the Department of Mayo Lemie.  This morning the mutilated, tuskless carcasses of five elephants were found.  Witnesses claim the poachers rode horses and were dressed in “nomadic Arab garb”.  This could suggest they are foreign, but it’s also possible their clothing serves as a disguise.  Whatever the case, their identity remains hidden and their whereabouts unknown. 

A total of 20 elephants were killed in that one week span.Poachers don't treat these animals with the respect that they should have.By Poachers they are wanted for their bones, ivory and skin.By regular people they are a creature to be admired .If the poachers would realize that the popultion of elephants is worth more than money then i truly believe that poaching would come to a screeching halt.

 President Idriss D├ęby’s army is now on the move, searching high and low for the criminals.  The Mobile Brigade of Environmental Protection, the Department’s High Administrative Authority, and other government officials traveled to the site of the massacre today to assess the situation.  Efforts are ongoing in the search for more carcasses, with SOS Elephants of Chad’s Stephanie Vergniault sorrowfully explaining that the more they search, the more they find.  Airport security reports they have not detected any recent attempts to smuggle ivory on departing flights, despite extra security measures taken to address this problem.  Ivory is frequently smuggled to other African countries, such as Cameroon or Kenya, before leaving the continent on its way to Asia.

The fact that the government is looking for these criminals gives me hope.I like to know that laws are being inforced and people want justice to be served.It makes me sad to know that the way to track a poacher is to follow the carcasses of fallen animals.I find it interesting that the security isn't as strict about smuggling.They should improve the security so the poachers and smugglers are both found.

Imagine 20 years from now a world without elephants.Imagine knowing that the human race caused it to perish. I would rather keep from destroying a beautiful species.

 Don't Let Go Of Hope For Elephant Survival

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  1. I can't believe someone would do something so terible like this. Why would anyone want to kill out the elephant population? Maybe some elephants will be taken into captivity so that the mass poachers can not kill as many elephants.